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The newly-created PLANUM glass roof system is a system of aluminium profiles intended for winter gardens and other glass structures. The distinguishing feature of the PLANUM system is its simple, cubist architecture. Realization of modern spatial conceptions is possible thanks to this system. The PLANUM system combines the concept of intelligent construction, technologies of efficient energy use and minimalist design.

This roof structure opens a wide field for creativity. It meets the strict requirements of users, offering the possibility of creative realization for individual ideas of house owners, designers and investors, making a given winter garden unique and the only one of its kind.

This surprisingly original effect can be achieved by means of painting (also according to an individual idea) a completely flat inner pane of a roof created based on the PLANUM system or combined with transparent, coloured, or light - transmitting opaque VSG glass or glass with LEDs. Thanks to transparency in the living part, one obtains more than just a typical and standard winter garden.

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