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Planning Assistance

Sending back the filled form to us is the first step towards the realization of your dreams.

Contact information:
Name and surname*:
Postal code*:
Planned completion date:

What do you expect from a winter garden?
All-year, full value garden integrated with the house
More useful area and light
Place for flowers in the wintertime

Colour and surface of profiles:
Homogeneous colour
Structural colour
Garden colour from the inside
Garden colour from the outside

Where would you like to have the garden?
Directions of the world: North

On the ground floor, partly under the balcony
On the first floor
On the garage
On the balcony

What ventilation do you want?
Natural convection
Manual control
Automatic control

What type of heating are you planning?
Connection to central heating
Floor heating
Heat pump

What type of glass are you interested in?

Thermally insulated U value
Self-cleaning glass
Solar control glass

Vertical elements:
Thermally insulated U value
Self-cleaning glass
Solar control glass
Ornamental glass
VSG safety glass

With which room is the garden to connect with?
Living room
Kitchen/dining room

Do you want to separate the garden from the rest of the house with a doored partition wall?

Integrated lighting in rafters
Integrated lighting with lighting control
Floor lamp
Other lighting

Openable elements:

Roof window
Tilt and turn window

Accordion door
Sliding door
PSK tilt and sliding door
Tilt and turn door

Are you planning sun protection?

In the roof:

In vertical elements:

Manual control
Electrical control

With sun, wind, rain sensors

How will your garden be arranged?
A lot of plants
Few plants
Typical plants (12-16 �C in winter)
Tropical Plants (18-23 �C in winter)

Attach drawing
Drawing 1
Drawing 2


We wish you successful planning of your winter garden and wonderful moments spent in your winter garden.

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